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New breakthrough of the mixing equipment for flue dust desulfurization in Daqchem-mixers company

2015-11-24 9:58:56      点击:
In traditional coal-fired power stations, burning dust, sulfur oxide in wet filtration equipment by chemical reaction generation calcium base or magnesium base material is from the gas cleared out, thereby reducing acid rain, the environmental pollution is reduced. And at the bottom of the wet dust filter equipment, the accumulated calcium base material must be converted into a gypsum product again, which must be converted into a gypsum product that meets the requirements of the construction industry. In order to achieve this purpose, in the wet dust over the bottom of the filter installed a gas mixing device; by the gas mixing, stirring provide required for the oxidation reaction of oxygen from the air; solid gypsum generated after the oxidation reaction should be retained in the lowest layer of dust filter. Flue gas desulfurization equipment, the use of air mixing machine dispersion capacity and service life, the effect of desulfurization and economic has a decisive impact.Since the 1980s, with the people's awareness of environmental protection continue to enhance, on soot emissions laws and regulations more and more strict, especially in recent years, the air pollution significantly increased, frequent fog and haze, more and more enterprises in the use of smoke and dust desulfurization equipment, Daqchem in smoke desulfurization technology with its unique product structure.
The settling of suspended matter in the smoke and dust in a large extent depends on the content of solid matter and the content of the dust in the smoke and dust. Daqchem company in research and development of desulfurization tower side entering type mixing equipment of a purpose is to extend the service life of the equipment; the core is in the premise of ensuring the air dispersing ability and prolong the stirring equipment sealing parts of life. In this regard, Daqchem company made a breakthrough improvement, and achieved very satisfactory results, to achieve a high reliability of the sealing parts and greatly extended its service life.